At Sunnies we want our customers to enjoy an experience no other dispensary has to offer. From knowledgeable and resourceful employees to the beautiful surroundings of our store, we ensure a happy and fulfilling experience to meet each individual customers needs.

We prioritize the comfort of our customers, making each purchase pleasurable. At Sunnies we consider the magnitude of the experience due to the  after, striving to provide the best and most enjoyable medication possible. Saying not only do we want your experience to be great when shopping or making a purchase, we want to ensure your pleasure regarding our products.




Premium Flower

We don’t source from just anyone, and we’re obsessed with potency, purity, and safety. With over 20+ strains of high quality flower, we work hard to keep a wide variety of strains available, consistently.


Delicious edibles are always available, you might have trouble deciding on an edible of your choice, we have 70+ different kinds to try but our Bud Tenders are well trained and highly experienced, without a doubt we'll make sure you leave satisfied.


Carrying 37 different strains of concentrates and 15+ brands we're sure we can meet your medicinal needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Sunnies Cannabis Co. focuses on providing customers and consumers a safe, pleasureable, and accessable experience

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